Colourful Balloons

Facebook Colourful Balloons: Social media Giant Facebook and some other social networking sites have been banned in China since 2009. Recently, a photo-sharing app has been launched named Colourful Balloons by Facebook under local Chinese company.

Apparently, China uses different photo-sharing apps like Weibo and WeChat after the Facebook ban in the country. In an attempt to re-enter the Chinese market, Facebook launched a photo-sharing app, Colourful Balloons through another firm. This app is the exact duplicate of Facebook Moments app

The Colourful Balloons has been released in China in the month May. The app has been top-rated in the country. The new photo-sharing app is released through the local Chinese company Young Internet Technology. However, the company did not mention any association with Facebook in any manner.

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In a statement, Facebook officials said, “We are very much interested in China and are spending more time in understanding and learning about the country in different ways.”

Fb colorful ballons

Facebook has long eyed on China’s 700 million internet users who are currently using WeChat. Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg has been in talks with the Chines politicians to make Facebook active in the country but didn’t succeed. He made it very clear that he would want to see the social networking app Facebook in China.

Currently, Colourful Balloon app is present in the China’s App store but allegedly is not easy to share with outsiders. Recently, Facebook owned Whatsapp has been blocked in China because many users face problems in sharing pictures, videos and voice messages.

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