Facebook has built a self-service tool for its users. People having Facebook accounts can get a chance to download their personal data such as personal information, status updates, wall posts, timeline posts, photos, videos and other content that you uploaded, liked, shared or commented.

This Facebook data will give all data of information available in your Facebook account. All data can easily be downloaded as a ZIP file on your desktop. This service is available only for desktop Facebook.

Before downloading data from Facebook, they have taken few steps to ensure the security of your personal data and you have to prove your identity for downloading the information in this process. Users cannot access the data till the account holder completes the security steps.

Users can check whether Facebook has your credit card information stored by going to Settings > Payments and now users have tje option to choose to change or delete stored credit card information

Here is step by step process to download your Facebook data:

Step1->Login into Facebook account using your user id and password and then you will be redirected to your Facebook home page.

Step 2-> Now go to Account Settings and click on settings.

Step 3-> Click on General on left hand side.

Step 4-> Click Download a copy of your Facebook data, which you will find at the bottom of your General Account Settings page.

Step 5-> Now you will redirected to another webpage where it will ask your confirmation to download your information. Click on Start My Archive button to continue.

Step 6-> A pop-up page will appear saying Request My Download with options Start My Archive or Cancel. To start downloading, click on Start My Archive.

Step 7-> Now to download your data, you must now verify your identity by typing your Facebook password to protect the security of your Facebook data.

Step 8->Again a pop-up will be shown stating – “We are gathering your information and will send a message to the email address when it is ready to download.” Click okay to accept it.

Step 9-> Now you will get a confirmation from Facebook that you requested for a copy of your Facebook Data.

Step10-> Now you will receive a download link when you click on it. You can download your Facebook data to your system in a ZIP folder in your Downloads folder.

Now you can see all the Facebook data from the time you created your Facebook Account


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