Facebook is making slight changes in the News Feed which improve the site with the cleaner look. The company claims that these updates will make navigating more smooth and consistent. Facebook is also rolling out new features in Facebook Camera which enables to create GIFs and share with friends.

Facebook News Feed Redesign:

The biggest update is that Facebook comments will get a new design to it look like message conversations. Now comments will appear with gray message bubble, instead of comments being broken up by simple line breaks with the aim of making it easier to track who is replying in a thread.

Finally, the profile pictures page will be shifting from squares to circles. The icons like comments and share buttons get larger, so it will be easy to tap on the touch screen.

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Facebook Camera, GIFs:

Facebook Camera which is under testing earlier this summer gets new features; the exciting feature is creating GIFs using camera option.

Now you can swipe over the camera option inside the main Facebook app. You will now able to record two-second GIFs and post them to the New Feed, add to stories or in a message and send them to friends.

In addition to GIFs, Facebook now lets you start a live video straight from the camera screen. It is also bringing colourful text posts to the camera even though they do not involve photos or videos and will let you make them in portrait to share anywhere you want.

These features come from Instagram which adds all kinds of new ways to post to its own stories app. Snapchat is the first to introduce stories features. Instagram also had Boomerang feature and also added Facebook live video last year too.

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