As we all know, Facebook is the biggest social media network. Everyone, including kids from first Grade to people who are married, use Facebook app all day for personal or work purpose. This requires a lot of mobile data in order to work, which drains internet packs. To fix this problem, the world’s biggest social networking site has announced recently that they have built a pared-down app, which is specially designed to control the internet usage in order to save internet pack for people who have limited data plans in countries like Australia, France, Canada, Germany, UK, and the US.

As of now, Facebook Lite will only be available on Android devices. The company hasn’t given any information about the app for iPhone. It is already rolling in many countries and they have named it as Facebook Lite, which is a standalone native app with same features like the normal Facebook app. It consists of features like News Feed, Status Updates, Push Notifications, and camera integration.

Though Facebook Lite was designed for people who have expensive internet packs, everyone can use it in order to consume less data. Those with good internet connection and better internet plans will also be willing to use this app as it takes less space on your phone and consumes fewer internet data, which is the best part. If you stay in the US, UK, Canada, France, Germany or Australia, then make sure you check out this app and do let us know what all new features this new app comes with.


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