Many Facebook pages are running their business based on the memes they make. Memes have become a great source to entertain people, convey a message or any other purpose on the social media platform. But, many pages are misusing the memes in an offensive way that is not appropriate. As a large number of posts are being posted on the social media, Facebook’s moderators aren’t able to review the content of the memes while they are being posted, creating a lot of fuss related to offensive posts.

To avoid such issues of offensive memes being posted on Facebook, the company is developing an artificial intelligence tool that can detect offensive posts when they are being posted. This new AI tool is called Rosetta; which uses machine learning to identify and understand the text written in the memes and videos. The AI tool later converts the text into a language that can be read by machines.

This machine will be helpful in transcribing the text written on the images to find out if there is any offensive content. Such tools are being used on various platforms and, the technology isn’t new. Facebook is a wide platform where millions of images are added every day. The variety and the number of images can be a big challenge for the social media platform.

According to reports, the artificial intelligence tool Rosetta is said to be active now. The tool is said to be extracting text from one billion images and videos on Facebook and Instagram.

Facebook says that they are doing this to automatically extract the content that is violating their hate-speech policy. The AI tool will be effective enough to understand multiple languages. This new tool will avoid posts that offend people and will reduce Facebook moderator’s work of reviewing posts that are reported by people. Now, the posts with offensive content will be flagged immediately.

Facebook is doing a lot of improvements in its artificial intelligence sector. Rosetta is the most recent advancement. It is indeed a great way to block hatred speech and offensive posts on the platform.


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