Its Facebook again in the headlines of the web, considered as the most used social networking app, it has always been in news for some or the other reason, the app has been coming up with new features in recent years and is back again with its latest feature by upgrading its navigation bar on mobile apps.

The social media giant is being used by million users and such updates are surely gaining some more users to the app. The app has always focused in improving the user experience by add-on features to enhance the app. You would have realized by now, there are plenty of apps out there that take the usage data to enhance your overall experience. With that being the case, Facebook has come up with an out of the box improvements for the user’s experience. The app has decided to update its navigation bar, by making it more personal for the users. The app will allow you to choose the icons that you want on the notification bar.

The navigation bar that appears to be on top of the screen in Android phone with five icons: Newsfeed, Marketplace, Notification, Watch and Menu, will be upgraded with the option of having the most recently used icons like search for a friend, friend suggestions, links to your profile or events. With the update, you will still be able to see notification panel, news feed and menu icon but for your convenience the app will be customized as per your requirements.

The app will alert us about the updates, prior to any changes made in the navigation bar, which will a have place for at least 4 to 6 icons. Also, those who are not much active on the platform will not be bothered with too many icons, in fact for them the icons shall be placed in such a manner so that it is easier to navigate

There were news regarding the updates recently where a project manager Alexa Andrzejewski said “We want shortcuts available in the navigation bar to reflect how an individual uses Facebook.” And the developers being so punctual in updating the app, has finally proven why it’s the most used social media app, by customizing mobile shortcuts so that the users can easily connect to their recently viewed products.

Are you happy with the changes in the widely used social media application? Let us know in the comments below!!


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