Excitel Launched in Hyderabad

Excitel is one of the popular broadband services in Delhi. Recently the services are now available to Hyderabad too. On the occasion of launching their broadband services in Hyderabad, Excitel is giving a welcome offer for the consumers. The offer is valid until July 31st. Without any FUP unlimited data can be used now.

The Rs. 495 plan gives unlimited data with 50 Mbps (Rs. 695 after July 31st.  The Rs. 645 plan provides unlimited data with 75 Mbps (Rs. 845 after July 31st). The Rs. 795 plan gives unlimited data with 100 Mbps speed (Rs. 995 after July 31st).

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Not only this, but there won’t be any hidden charges and the above rates are tax inclusive. Also if the user cancels his subscription during the first month, entire money will get refunded. The company stated that they used FTTN (fiber to the node) or FTTB (fiber to the building) optical fibers to produce the 10 to 100 Gigabit data per second.

Reliance Jio which got introduced as telecom operator made all the mobile operator’s prices hit rock bottom. Jio also entered the broadband services and is providing free data to the users at low prices. Though Jio also provides unlimited data, it has a FUP limit of maximum 100 GB. But the best part of excited is that there is no FUP limit and will provide unlimited data which made excitel the first-of-a-kind broadband service in the whole India.


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