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In order to change the education standards and make students stronger in communication skills, Govt panel on education has mentioned that English should be made essential in all schools and every student from 6th class should follow English as a mandatory subject.

Apart from this, the panel has endorsed that at least one English language school should be present in every block of the country. There are 6612 blocks in the country, and this single step has the perspective to reforming education in the county.

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The new panel has been formed included a group of secretaries which was named as “Group on Education and Social Development.” They put major importance on Education of English and science, as they said that English should be made ‘a compulsory subject in all schools from Class 6th onwards and at least one English medium in every block along with science education facility in a radius of 5 Kms.

Why is English Speaking Important?

In August 2015, a report stated that 97% of Engineers in India couldn’t speak English, and as a result, 80% of software engineers are not getting jobs due to lack of communication skills. However the fact is, English is currently a Universal language and majority of higher education are in English. Software industry depends on the English language. The panel has rightly understood the fact if Indian youth wants to contend against global powers, then they need to study and master the English language.

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As of now, the study of English and other languages is guided by the ‘Three Language Formula’ as laid down in the national policy on education of 1968. As per the students of central board of secondary education-affiliated schools need to learn English in their first eight years, meanwhile for students of class 9 to 12, there is an option to choose between English and Hindi.