Emporio Armani Smartwatch Cover Picture

Emporio Armani, the world famous company and widely known for their range of clothing. Now they were making their path towards the wristwatch bandwagon. Recently they announced the new line of watches, and they call the ‘Emporio Armani Connected’ range.

Although these smartwatches are not completely considered as the full-on smartwatches, due to their limited capabilities. This is the reason the company is calling this line in the group of the hybrid smart watches.

Of course, the uses are limited, and it is good to say that the watch comes with the features users like and find useful. Currently, all the smartwatches are featured in line with Bluetooth which allows the watch for connecting with the user’s smartphone.

Emporio Armani Features

These smartwatch has the ability to control the music along with the ability to it wirelessly. Capture the photos remotely using the smartphone’s camera. So, the user can place their smartphone at some distance and take the phone without relying on the timers.

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Emporio Armani’s Connected Hybrid Smartwatch also helps in monitoring the user’s sleep pattern, and it can be used as the alarm. It even helps the user to find the lost smartphone. You can make the settings like vibrating each time when you receive the notification on the connected smartphone.

One more last feature included on this phone is most important for a watch. Armani claims that these watches offer the maximum precision while keeping the time and even providing the ability to swap between the two time zones.

The people who wonder about the life of battery, company has included the Quartz battery inside the watch. So this will last much longer than the regular smartwatches.

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The users can download the ‘Emporio Armani Connected’ smartphone app for setting up & tracking. The app is available for Apple devices on App Store and Android devices on Google Play store. Download the app and install on your phone from the given links. Using this app, the user can Track daily activity, Set a personal goal, Connect with other apps and Emporio Armani LINK. One can use these features with this companion app using this wearable accessories designed by Emporio Armani.

The Emporio Armani Connected hybrid smartwatches are available in store and online. These smartwatches come with the price tag between $245.00 to $395.00.