Echo studio: The most stylish device from Amazon is due to be released on November 7. At its Ask Alexa event in Seattle held on 26th September, Amazon unveiled a host of devices and Echo Studio is one of the most prominent ones.

About Echo Studio

Echo Studio has five strategically positioned speakers, which are its five device drivers that help in getting quality sound from all directions. The first: downward-facing woofer generates powerful, room-filling bass, second: front-firing, single 1-inch tweeter produces crisp high frequencies. The remaining three are 2-inch midrange speakers aimed at different directions to provide rich, natural vocals. Inside there are also several microphones that allow the speaker to behave like a standard Echo device.  Amazon believes that this is the innovative speaker that they have ever built having unbelievable sound quality, space, clarity and depth.

Echo Studio Rivals 

To compete with Google Nest Max and Apple HomePod, Amazon is launching its Echo Studio, which is larger than a normal Echo and creates a highly immersive and high-fidelity soundscape that surrounds you in studio-quality sound. It supports 3D audio and Dolby Atmos. This Dolby Atmos technology is what turns the stereo tracks into a multidimensional audio experience and you have to hear it to believe it. 

Makes Every Sound incredible

Whatever is the sound source, Amazon Prime Music, Gaana, Apple Music, Hungama Music, JioSaavn, asking Alexa to play a song, genre or artist, Echo Studio makes it sound incredible. It’s an intelligent device that analyzes the acoustics of the room automatically and adjusts audio filters continuously to optimize the sound to provide that incredible experience. For this, it measures reflections from the walls using its near-field microphones and thus adjusts its sound so that it best fits the shape of the room. Thus, it adapts to any room. 

Besides listening to music, you can use it to make calls, send messages, get information, and control all compatible smart home devices.

Echo is the name of the game when it comes to Amazon and the company already has several existing Echo speakers in the market. It’s the fourth iteration of Echo speaker. It entered this market space last year with the Amazon Echo Link and Echo Link Amp.

Both of these were designed for those consumers who were looking for bringing voice services to their existing home audio systems in a better way. This new device, Echo Studio is also aimed to cater to the same market space but in a very different and effective manner.

However, some experts believe that if you really want accurate surround sound, it should be calibrated to the listener and not just the room. Perhaps in near future Amazon will add some audio probe feature to its Alexa app to further improve its Echo Studio’s output and provide excellent audio imaging.

The device is also designed for keeping privacy protection in mind. It has multiple layers of controls for privacy protection, including a microphone off button, which electronically disconnects the microphones. As it will be released next month, Amazon has initiated pre-orders of the same. You can do so for this next level audio system for INR 22,999.00.


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