Earthquake today in bangalore

Mild Earth Quake in Bangalore: The Bengaluru people Experienced Earthquake in some parts of Rajarajeshwari Nagar and Kengeri Areas today during 7:35 to 7:40 am. As the tremors are very mild, no casualties have been reported. But these mild shaking of the earth took the residents by surprise.

Officials confirmed about the Earthquake in Bangalore and said that the magnitude of the tremors was so low that the Richter scale placed close by these areas didn’t record any seismic event. “

We received alerts and checked the Richter scale. The magnitude is less than one on Richter scale. But we are alert, and we have passed on messages to authorities in Ramanagar,” said G S Srinivasa Reddy, An official from Karnataka State Natural Disaster Monitoring Centre.

Mr. Reddy also said that similar tremors were felt in Doddanahalli village in Ramanagar recently and no seismic event recorded. “But on April 2, the rector scale recorded the magnitude of two units when tremors were felt in Hosadurga, Hiriyur in Chitradurga district, he concluded.

The Residents and people of those areas took the issue to the social networking sites and discussed their experiences with fear. The Bangalore Earthquake has been trending on Twitter with the Hash tags #Earthquake #Bangalore

Meanwhile India’s Neighboring country Pakistan also experienced a Earthquake and recorded 5.5 on the Richter scale. According to the sources many cities in Pakistan effected by the tremors.

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