Cardiogram unit research confirms that Apple and other android watches can detect signs of diabetes with the help of DeepHeart algorithm. Cardiogram unit has tested its execution by pre-feeding the samples of people with diabetes and without diabetes.

The study has confirmed that 85% of the people with diabetes are detected easily with the help of wearables. The DeepHeart algorithm works on AI-based technology. Johnson Hsieh, co-founder of Cardiogram explains how diabetes can be detected with the help of heartbeat by saying – “Your heart is connected with your pancreas via the autonomic nervous system. As people develop the early stages of diabetes, their pattern of heart rate variability shifts.

Variability of high heart rate and low heart rate has the ability to detect if the person is suffering from diabetes. According to studies, one among four people can detect that they have diabetes. Most of the people in the US are suffering from diabetes.

Cardiogram’s DeepHeart algorithm will train a neural network to detect hypertension, diabetes, apnea, fibrillation etc. Implementing this technology in iOS or Android watches will be able to detect the diseases accurately.

The use of this technology in the wearables will help you identify diabetes by finding out the pre-diabetes condition. This condition cannot be detected without the help of hardware, which can sense glucose content.

The research is still going on to detect the abnormal heart rate conditions. You can also contribute to the research by downloading and installing Apple Heart study app. If you are detected with irregular heartbeat patterns, then you will be monitored by researchers.

This technology is not available to customers currently. The technology will be implemented in the future versions of Apple and Android watches, which will keep you updated with your health patterns.


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