Dubai Municipality launches a new smart system to make sure the customer product safety. The system is named as Montaji, and the mobile app is also launched with the same name. Now the shoppers in Dubai can check whether the product they bought is fake or original via the Mobile app or Online.

During the launch of the service, Khalid Mohammad Sharif Al Awadhi, assistant director general for Environment, Health and Safety Control Sector said, the new online system which can access through municipality portal will ensure product safety while assuring the free flow of trade.

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Al Awadhi also stated that this strategy is very much important consideration number of products that are arriving in Dubai. Dr Naseem Mohammed Rafee, head of Consumer Product Safety Section said, its mandatory for all consumer safety products to register with Montaji service. The customer safety products include Health supplements, Cosmetic products, personal care, soaps bars, detergents, antibacterial products, etc.

Rafee also said the system is intelligent enough to catch if somebody is trying to re-register products which are earlier objected due to its non-compliance. The system sends alerts to the staff members if any such thing happens.

Customers can also check the genuineness of the product by entering the barcode of the product in the Montaji system and verify the details. They can report violations through the municipality’s call center 800900. Dubai records over 755,000 tonnes of consumer goods for import and re-exports in 2016, increased by 17 per cent comparing to the figures in the year 2012.

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