sleep in bed

Hard work brings us profit. The quote is no longer valid. Instead of working too hard dreaming about salary hikes and promotions, they are paying the employees just for sleeping. Isn’t this the best job in the whole world?

France’s Institute of Space medicine and physiology scientists are in need of people who can sleep for their experiment. The applicants must be ready to sleep for three months. The scientists are willing to pay an incredible amount of 16000 Euros which is equal to Rs. 1100000 in Indian currency.

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The scientists intended to start an experiment to study the effects of micro gravity, a state of virtual weightlessness. The selected candidates must sleep for three months. There will be three stages in the experiment.

First, to weeks various tests will be conducted to check candidate’s body. Later the candidates will be put to sleep. Though the offer is very alluring, the rules are strict.

1. The candidates must sleep by bending down their down by 6 degrees.
2, A shoulder of them should be in contact with the bed all the time.
3. They can do their regular works like eating, washing, etc. normally.
4. The candidates should healthy and within the age limit of 20-45 years.

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