Digital village Free wifi

The Central Government is looking to promote Digital India, and it has came up with a new initiative called Digital Village.

According to the Digital Village scheme, Govt of India is planning to provide Free WiFi to more than 1000 villages across the country.

Under the Pilot Project, selected villages will get their WiFi hotspot kept on a separate tower. All the villagers can connect and use the Wifi at free of cost.

Google Railwire WiFi Launched in Mumbai is now available at 100 Railway Stations across India

Global technology companies like Google and Facebook have been looking forward to bring millions of Indians Online. Google had setup wifi spots in 100 railway stations across the country.

Another Tech Firm Facebook has tried the net neutrality which was not successful. The Indian ISPs( Internet Service Providers )also introducing many offers for getting Connections.

For the first Phase, it is estimated that about $62 million will be necessary.The Budget would be increased, in the next phases as it is extended to different parts of the country.

IRCTC Announces Major Upgrades to all AC-III Tier Coaches

The primary motive of this program is to “provide basic development services to rural areas using digital technology,” said Aruna Sundararajan, an official at the Indian Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology.

Sundararajan added that “Those include interactive education and medical services as well as basic internet access.”

The Digital Village Initiative would allow Villagers and farmers to do digital transactions. The cashless transactions in India have risen very high after the note ban in November.


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