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Demand For Job Oriented Courses Increased and Steep Decrease In IT Courses

These days, everything has changed. Unlike in the past, youngsters are showing much interest in IT, but choosing other programs. After Trump getting into power as President of USA, the software industry has changed completely. It has shown a great impact on the IT companies in the USA, which belong to India. The percentage of students, who are undergoing IT training in colleges has rapidly decreased.

Students focussing on alternative courses

The students who always wanted to enter into IT have changed their paths and looking for some alternatives. Keeping in mind the current situations across the world, the students choosing non-IT courses. Ameerpet which is the hub for IT courses in Hyderabad has lost its glory, and the percentage of students joining there have decreased.

 Huge Impact on coaching centers

Once, these coaching centers used to be in a rush to many students, but now everything has changed. The percentage of youngsters who are learning Java,, and testing tools have decreased. The coaching centers are not even getting ten percent occupancy in the classrooms.

Showing interest in Non-IT Courses

Students have changed their path. Now, they are opting for courses through which they can get a job and have a secured life. Those who did bachelor’s and PG in IT are coming to these coaching centers. The tutors are saying that there will be a decrease in it also in coming days.

Time Management

Those who have planned to go the USA for masters have changed their mind. The students who are already over there are in a great dilemma. So, most of the youngsters now are leaving IT courses behind and looking for some job oriented courses.


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