Things which Uber Transportation is talking about is implementing by the automotive technology parts supplier Delphi. This firm has announced the partnership with Singapore for initiating the pilot program for an on-demand autonomous taxi service.

Before you guys thinking of jump into this autonomous car next time when you are in Singapore, you have to look after many caveats.  First and most thing is that only six vehicles are available with this autonomous fleet. Secondly, this service will be available along a four-mile route in a business park on the western edge of the city.

This program will last three years, with the 1st year dedicated to laying out the groundwork in the technological end. These vehicles will be deployed during the second year. The passengers will be chosen and can able to test the system from the cross-section of the population in Singapore. This service will work similar to the ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft.

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Glen DeVos, The Vice-President of Delphi’s Service Business Unit, says “The Company is hoping to come up with the “last mile” solution by building the entire ecosystem including the car and communication systems between the vehicles and the infrastructure, transactions, security and the cloud services. When the pilots are done, we had completed the definition and deployment that full automated mobility on demand ecosystem.”

“As a partner in SAVI, Delphi will use a foundation of the same vehicle technologies, which has enabled us to successfully complete, first coast-to-coast autonomous drive of United States in 2015,” says Jeff Owens, chief technology officer, Delphi.

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Both Delphi and Singapore are hoping for the transition the pilot into an operational service which is about to launch in 2022. Although it is still pretty far away, this is the one more step in the path to having the fully autonomous vehicles on the road, not in just Asia but across the globe.