Delhi’s Safdarjung Hospital

Father’s day bring luck to one father. A day after the birth of his newborn baby boy came “Alive” after doctors declared him as dead by the Safdarjung Hospital staff. The father believes that the doctors had erred.

Rohit Tandon said to HT that, “For some unknown reason, I felt that my child was alive. I told the doctors to check again, but they told me to take him away saying they knew what they were doing.” Tondon fail to convince the doctors and had hired a cab to take his baby’s body home, but minutes before they carried the baby to the crematorium, the child was found alive.

Some women in Tondon’s family suggested to see the baby for the last time, at that moment the baby starts moving his limbs and someone notice the baby movements.

“When I first heard it, I was shocked. These are things you only wish for, but never happen. But it did not take me too long to believe it. I always knew the doctors were wrong,” said Tandon.

He also said, ““I was happy as well as very angry. How could such big doctors of reputed hospital make such a mistake? A living child would have been killed because of their callousness.”

Tandon works as a labourer and lives with his family in south Delhi’s Badarpur and he also have eight-years-old son and six-years-old daughter.

His wife, Shanti Devi, had stopped talking after learning of the bad news, but now she is happy. She was in under doctors observation at Safdarjung Hospital.

“I never knew what Father’s Day was. But since yesterday, everyone has been telling me that the father’s day has brought me luck,” he said.


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