The popular sitcom ‘One Day at a Time’ premiered its first season in January 2017 and the second season premiered in March 2017. The series is primarily based on immigrants and Latinos who form a major chunk of the American society and is set around 1975 arena. It is basically about a Cuban family and revolves around the same Cuban family for three generations.

The main characters of the film on which the plot is set are a military mother, teenage daughter, a son and the grandparent who live in the house together. With the original drama, which is shot in Los Angeles and recorded in front of live audience, the movie makers Gloria Calderon Kellett and Mike Royce want to make the people aware about the austerities and difficulties the Latinos and migrants have to face even though they have been residing there since ages.

When Netflix released the movie series, which was based on LGBT community, it did support anything and everything that is based on true events and never banned any series, which was meant to educate the viewers of the things that is affecting the people worldwide.

When Netflix first started its online movie and television series online, it vouched to be a different entertainment channel altogether by promising to promote the episodes and series, loved by its users across the world. It vowed to be different from the old protocols followed by the TV channels and the platform garnered huge support by releasing Netflix original movies and series, which enthralled the audience all across the world. Every now and then, they come with amazing deals and one-month free subscription to premium content so that users get enough time to get hooked on to the amazing platform for its original movies and series.


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