Cow Should be Declared as a National Animal

On a surprising note, Jamiat Ulema-i-Hind president Maulana Syed Arshad Madani has requested the central government to give national animal status to the cow.

Addressing the media on Wednesday, he raised the issue by keeping in mind the fear among Muslim community because of the violence by cow vigilantes aka gaurakshaks.

Representing a huge number of Islamic Scholars in India, he also discussed triple talaq and asked to take up this issue to Supreme Court. He said that as it is a religious matter, the solution to it should also be religious.

He stated that they would support if the government give national animal status to the cow. Tension has prevailed among the Muslim community after the murders by gaurakshaks in the country. “These kind of people are exploiting the religion to loot and kill people by taking law in their hands. We always respect the Hindus religious sentiments, but no one is allowed to take the law into their hands and kill our people.”

Regarding the triple talaq, he designated it as a religious matter and stated the solution should also be religious. He openly agreed that they would accept the Supreme Court decision if it comes in that way. He clarified that the court should come up the solution that must be acceptable to them.

Madani shared that the Supreme Court can have a word with the Islamic scholars regarding this issue and even criticized media, for making triple talaq a big problem. “The way people have been talking about the triple talaq these days and the media portraying it in a different way, without showing the originality.”

Regarding the orders issued related to citizenship in Assam by Guwahati High Court, Madani stated that particular order had created such a situation that nearly 48 lakh married women most likely to lose their citizenship.


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