Mobile Internet Users

Both the need and usage of Internet these days is increasing day-by-day. The Internet users keep on growing. We can say that the Internet is one of the game-changing inventions. Continuous growth in the Internet need has made people show interest in smartphones rather than regular phones. It is a known fact that mobile has become a mandatory accessory for everyone. The hike of instant messaging apps and social media has also increased the usage of Internet. More than usage, the Internet can be termed as a necessity.

According to the latest statistics by Internet and Mobile Association of India, by June this year, the number of Mobile Internet Users will get increased to 420 million(42 crores). Out of them, almost 25 crores of mobile internet users are from urban areas. The rest of 17 crores are from village and rural areas. As the data charges have become affordable, the number of mobile internet users in the countryside is increasing. The survey has claimed that almost all the village mobile internet users, see the entertainment programs and the urban people use the internet mostly for social media. A user pays Rs.275 standard data charges per month.

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