cortana and alexa voice assistant

Amazon and Microsoft had announced last year in August that Cortana and Alexa would discuss with each other by the end of December.

The team-up promised that Cortana and Alexa integration would simplify voice control at home. Both the companies have recently given the reason for the delay in launching the team-up version. They mentioned that they want their product to be remembered as the only AI assistant to be used at any given point in time. That is the reason why Amazon and Microsoft are busy enhancing the product by integrating more advanced features in it.

Initially, Amazon’s founder, Jeff Bezos suggested the idea of collaboration with Microsoft at Microsoft’s CEO summit in 2016. Mr. Nadella shared that this collaboration would allow the users to access the unique skills of both the applications. Also, Microsoft ensures that Cortana is available on every device and that is their key priority.

Instead of trying to put each other down, Microsoft and Amazon are focusing on their biggest threats, Google and Apple. Google provides its assistance on 3rd party hardware, whereas Apple has its own assistance. Who would consider Cortana speaker or Echo, if they have a Homepod?

Integrating Cortana and Alexa would make everything pretty simple for voice assistance users, who find it difficult to switch between the two applications.

On a final note, Amazon and Microsoft have stated that their integrated product would be launched soon in the market and they have a lot to share in their first integration. They also added that people need not be disappointed with the delay of the product as their soon-to-be launched product would make them feel excited.


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