Consumption of Energy Drinks Leads To Cardiac Attacks

Are you a fan of energy drinks? Well, you should be careful or might have prone to serious health issues. Yes, it is true. A recent study has revealed that those who consume energy drinks likely to have heart diseases and a weak heart.

It is a well-known fact that usually energy drinks mostly consumed by sportsmen because they participate in the more physical activity. When compared to ordinary people, who won’t exhaust much and not have energy drinks, those who consume these drinks are getting health issues. The studies reveal that even a small amount of these energy drinks cause severe problems and leads to cardiac attacks.

As per the reports given by scientists belong to Australia, it proved that small amount of energy drinks like a monster and red bull leads to irregularity in heart beats. Sometimes, then it even leads to death, and it mostly happens with individuals who have congenital long QT Syndrome. These drinks have more caffeine, which makes your heart beat faster to give instant energy to your body. But it seriously leads to cardiac attacks. One in 2000, will get affected by this syndrome and because of it, irregularity in heart breaks and sudden death happens.

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The scientists have conducted research with 24 patients, who aged between 16 to 50. This study was carried out by the researchers from the University of Sydney and Centenary Institute. It is located in Australia. They have identified that those who drink these energy drinks experience cardiovascular problems and these symptoms are quite familiar with congenital long QT syndrome.

After the completion of research, Doctor Emily Fletcher, who is the deputy pharmacy flight commander stated that they have decided to research about these energy drinks and their impact on human health. She also said that “These drinks show a great impact on health and 75 percent of the military personnel have been consuming it.”

With the help of electrocardiogram, the researchers have measured the heartbeat and blood pressure for every two, six and 24 hours before and after the consumption of energy drinks. They have found the heart beating irregularly and also clarified that they need to do some more research for more results.


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