Construction Field

It seems the constant increase in automation and improvement in technology results in bringing some revolutions in the construction field. This area is one such industry in the country that provides a maximum of employment to the people in India. As per the latest research, it revealed that nearly 50 percent of the employees are going to turn into jobless with the robotic technology, developed around the globe by 2025.

The new automatic machines invented by a company based in New York already brought revolutions in the construction field. Currently, these are using in the USA. Usually, human power can construct a wall with 500 bricks in one day, but this will help to build a 3000 bricks worth wall in just one day. This company is planning to distribute them to other countries by the end of this year.

Switzerland-based scientists shared that the automatic machines and robotics are going to rule the construction field and will affect the human power in coming days.

Australian based engineer has invented the robotic machine in 2015 and been working on them. If they get released into the market then the man power will definitely reduced to half. As per the estimation, the automatic technology is likely to reduce 3.5 crores jobs in India in next 30 years.


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