In a nation where ladies are underrepresented in practically all strolls of open life, where the unreasonable impediment is a long way from broken, and where ladies and young ladies routinely face segregation and brutality on an ordinary premise, a couple of schools in Bengaluru trust they have an issue of ‘such a large number of young ladies’. What’s more, to ‘fix’ this, they’ve chosen to set a higher cutoff mark for young ladies for entrance into Pre University (PU) courses. What’s more, to legitimize the choice, the universities are referring to rules issued by the Karnataka government that in truth expected to improve young ladies’ entrance to training.

To keep up an ‘equivalent number of young ladies and young men’s in government and government-helped instructive establishments, the Department of Pre-University Education of the Karnataka state government had issued rules to PU schools, requesting that they pursue a seat-grid. This was principally acquainted with guarantee that more young lady understudies are given entrance into private and government schools.

In any case, a similar guideline has now been turned on its head by certain universities, who are asserting that ‘girls are outperforming boys’. As per a report in the Times of India, the cut off for boys settling on Science in Bengaluru’s MES PU College is 92%, while for young ladies it is 95%. For young ladies selecting to take up trade, the cut off is 94% while for young men it is 92%. In Christ Junior College, the cut off for young men deciding on the Science stream is 94.1% while for young ladies it is 95.1%. For young ladies selecting to take up Commerce, the cut off is 96% while for young men it is 95.5% and for the Arts stream, the cut off for young men is 84.5%, and for young ladies it has been set at 89.2%.


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