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As we all know, Apple’s browsers Safari is the safest and fastest browser on the internet, but after a big scam of fraudulent clicking on over 5 million computers recently Google is now coming up with new updates for the browser and they have already blocked their old extensions, which were found to be used in fraudulent clicking.

Now Google Chrome will have a built-in ad blocker, which is all set to go live. Finally, after a decade, they are adding this feature for automatically blocking the pop-ups and fraudulent ad clicks. While some people are definitely going to notice this, some may not even get to know that there is an ad blocking update in Chrome browser, which is going live tomorrow.

The best part of this new update is that it’s not a substitute for Adblock or UBlock origin. It’s Google’s job to find and block the most annoying ads on web and smartphone browsers, which do not conform to the ads policy and are being used to pop out on the user’s screen. It’s not going to block Prestitials, Countdown or Autoplaying Ads, but it will block the other ads that you might see on random sites whenever you click on the download button. There is always a new tab opened automatically and the list still goes on, but you don’t have to worry as Google will block all the non-verified ads that you see on mobiles and PCs.

Here is the list of ads that will trigger Google Ad blocker.

-Pop-Ups Ads

-Prestitals Ads

-Large Sticky Ads

-Flashing Animated Ads

-Full-Screen Scroll Over Ads

-Poststitials Ads with countdown

– And the list goes on and on………..

So, if you end up landing on sites, which have these ads, Chrome will show a pop-up stating ‘Ads Blocked’. Let’s see how powerful this update is.


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