Cryptojacking is referred to as unknowingly using a computing device to mine cryptocurrency. It secretly installs a program and mines cryptocurrency. Over the past few months, you might have seen a rise in many malicious extensions that appear to provide useful functionalities. There’s no need to install a program to mine your cryptocurrency in your website browser.

In-browser cryptojacking uses a JavaScript code when you load a web page to mine cryptocurrencies. This JavaScript code is run over every website you visit i.e. as a top layer. So, JavaScript code need not be installed and it runs automatically, which is the main reason for cryptojacking in-browser.

Developers always remain focused on good productivity with innovative experiences by keeping in mind the safety of online users. But, even with safety for website, these miners don’t need any software program on the computer to get mining done. Just run the script. That’s it! The page will have a hidden code running and you might not even know that someone else is using your computer for digital profit.

So, Chrome Web Store has given a policy according to which cryptocurrency mining is its extension as a single purpose and the user is immediately informed about the mining behavior. Nearly 90% of all extensions, which have mining scripts and were tried to upload to Chrome Web Store by the developers, have failed to fill these policies and this resulted in either rejection of extension or removed extension from the Chrome Web Store.

From now onwards, Chrome Web Store will no longer include extensions, which have mining code for cryptocurrency. The extensions, which are there now in Chrome Web Store, will be removed from the store in the end of June. And extensions with blockchain-related purposes other than mining will be given permission in Chrome Web Store.

But now, Chrome Web Store has provided a powerful policy for the extensions by our developer community to build vibrant catalog of extensions that helps end users get profit by Chrome. At the same time, malicious software developers tried for mining cryptocurrency of end users. Now Chrome has taken a step to stop such kind of mining script extensions on the store and protected the users from hidden risks of cryptojacking.


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