Chloe Kohanski, a native from Nashville has really won the hearts of several people as she captivated the audience during her singing performances in The Voice. Her talent and superb voice helped her win this title.  However, Chloe’s journey in the entire 13th season was not always smooth and happy. She said that she learnt a lot of things about herself as she paved her way through the competition and ultimately became the winner.

The 23-year old winner spoke to the reporters on Tuesday after the winning the grand finale. She said that she had never thought that she would actually win the competition. She also added that this entire journey had boosted her self confidence in several ways and no matter where she is walking now she is always empowered by the thought of who she really is.

After the blind auditions took place, Chloe became a part of Miley Cyrus’ team, but she almost faced an elimination when Miley chose Ashland Croft, another contestant, over her at the time of knockout rounds. Fortunately, Blake Shelton came to her rescue and using his steal power he invited Chloe to his team.

She said that she feels like she would not have if Blake had not taken care of his team like he did. She said that her winning is even more significant because she won in Shelton’s team and she is stoked because they won together and that was really fun. She also said that it was not just for the show and it was real.

Chloe derived a great deal of self-confidence under the guidance of Shelton as she moved forward with the battle rounds. She said that the turning point for her self-confidence was her performance on Total Eclipse of the Heart and this is not a cliché answer and she really meant it.

She said that her confidence has increased by huge leaps and bounds since the first time she performed on the stage. According to her, her overall experience in The Voice has made her a more confident person and she has started seeing herself and others with a new and better perspective.


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