Last year presidents of America and China made a pact about the cyber securities. According to the agreement China had agreed to the cut down of cyber hacks aimed at curbing the theft of the intellectual property. Mr Obama and Mr Xi Jinping announced their agreement after the meeting last year at the White House Rose Garden.

The United States officials said that they have discovered malware in power grids, cell phone networks and other civilian targets. But they are not sure whether that harmful software is intended to stealing user’s information or to shut the system completely down or both.

iSight, the intelligence unit of FireEye, a private firm which manages network breaches stated that the decline in the cyber attacks began a year before the meeting of Mr Obama and Mr.Xi Jinping. According to the report given by FireEye, there is a sharp cut-off in almost daily raids on Silicon Valley enterprises, Army contractors and other commercial targets.

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The study mainly speaks about the change on the part of Chinese president’s effort to bring the Chinese military, which is known to be the main sponsors of the attacks, further under his control. The report clearly states that Chinese attacks have decreased in volume, but increased in sophistication and the Chinese hackers are starting to pick their targets more carefully much more like the Russian hackers.

Kevin Mandia of FireEye stated that “It’s a mixed bag,” which first detailed the activities of a People’s Liberation Army cyber-arm, called Unit 61398, that had been responsible for some of the most highly publicised thefts of American technology. We still see semiconductor companies and aerospace firms attacked.”

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The daily cyber attacks were decreased due to the immense public pressure and efforts of others. One of the factors for this drop out may be attributable to the decision of Justice Department to indict five members of the P.L.A. Unit about a year after its activities were exposed.

Last week, senior officials of the department of administration in Beijing were trying to flesh out the agreement between the national heads. One of the key points of the discussion was how to set up a hotline through which the two countries can alert other when malicious software is detected in global networks. The idea of setting up the hotline may favour investigators of China and America to find the source of the hack.

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The report concluded that “We see a threat that is less voluminous but more focused, calculated, and still successful in compromising corporate networks.”