Trade is something that has set China and the United States in pace. Both the nations would communicate and coordinate regarding the matters of trade. Recently, sources propounded that the 2 nations, China and the United States would hold a lower-level trade meeting later this month.

Wang Shouwen, the Vice Minister of China leads the decision-making, delegation, action and all talks related to trade, both internal and external. The Vice Minister, with his China team, has planned to meet David Malpass, the Secretary of Treasury for International Affairs, US.

The meet would deal with almost everything that is related to trade. Beijing said to the media and news reporters that there would be fresh trade meeting sessions held between China and the United States in the course of the month. Beijing made the statement hoping for better in terms of resolving the hard feelings, conflicts and cold war between the two nations. The delegation of China, led by Wang Shouwen, will be meeting the US representatives, who are led by David Malpass. The same was stated on the website too.  


The conflict revolves around the market and sales side of it too. There is an unresolved matter existing between the 2 nations. Washington demands a set of market and property facilities. It could be something to do with property protection for the companies of the United States. To add on, the issue touches the China’s part of $375 billion being its trade deficit.

China and the United States seem to be the world’s 2 largest economies. Despite that, they are looping their differences and disputes around the trade and tariffs. Right from the beginning of the year, the conflicts are rising and piling up. The counteractions feature money threats on duties and exports worth hundreds of billions of dollars.          


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