Chef Daniel Boulud Restaurant DB Bistro Fined with $1.8 Million for wire in Dish

The big blow faced by French Chef Daniel Boulud’s Restaurant DB Bistro Moderne. Michelin-starred French chef, Daniel Boulud’s restaurant in lower Manhattan in New York City, has smacked with a penalty of $1.8 million for serving 2.5 cms thin metal wire in ordered food. This one unidentified element that you don’t want in your dish.

Coming to the news, a customer named Barry Brett along with his fiancée came to French Chef Daniel Boulud’s DB Bistro Restaurant for dining. He ordered a dish Co Au Vin in the traditional restaurant and shortly after he began eating, customer Barry Brett felt something stuck in his throat and he immediately rushed to nearby hospital.

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Surprisingly, doctors found 2.5 cms piece of wire from a cheap grill brush in his throat, and he had to undergo surgery. The thin metal wire caused a fatal infection.

The lawyers belong to Barry claimed that the wire finally caused an infection and the carelessness of modern restaurant could have caused terrible loss to Brett. The survivor Brett takes legal action over the unexpected incident and last week a New York Jury ruled for Brett awarded him $300,000 and $11,000 to his wife and $1 million in punitive damages.

However, famous chef Daniel Boulud’s restaurant had to pay Rs. 8.6 Crore fine for this unexpected incident.

Chef Daniel Boulud ran his business since the 1980’s and made New York as his central hub. He also operates branches in Las Vegas, London, Miami, Montreal, Palm Beach, Singapore, Toronto, and Washington.


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