Charlie Chaplin Silver cap to brahmanandam

Charlie Chaplin 128th Birthday: Saying funny dialogues and making others laugh is not something great. Without speaking a word and making people laugh just with expressions is very illustrious. Charlie Chaplin is one such comedian. He was an English comedy actor, a composer who has started a new era of Silent films. Chaplin was born on 16th April 1889 in a financially low-income family. As his father was not there, his mother struggled so hard for a living. Charlie started performing as a stage actor at the age of 14 or 15.

He faced many hardships both financially and personally. At a tender age of 19, the prestigious Fred Karno Company signed him. He entered the Hollywood with the support of Keystone Studios. He got honored with so many awards and became a legend in comedy. Today it is his 128th birthday.

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On this note, Aakruthi Cultural Association is organizing an event to honor Veteran Comedian Brahmanadam with Charlie Chaplin International Award and also to present Chaplin Silver Cap. Brahmanandam is one of the finest comedians in the Indian Film Industry. He gained so much love from the audience with his acting as well as comedy skills.The event is going to take place at Ravindra Bharathi, Hyderabad. Akruthi Cultural Association announced this recently.

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