shell companies crack down

The Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) is cutting off some businesses which are evidently shell firms from the Ministry of Corporate Affairs(MCA). Sushil Chandra, Chairman of CBDT, was invited by the Gujarat Chamber of Commerce and Study(GCCI) for felicitation in which he said that he don’t believe obtrusive way regarding the ordinary tax-payers.

He stated that they would not encourage any company that is operating as a shell company.
Thousands of such companies still exist under the statutory authority and working in Ministry of Finance under Department of Revenue.

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“We introduced a committee which is currently checking the companies list, and any shell firm that is found in this will be removed immediately by striking it off from Ministry of Corporate Affairs(MCA) by sending them a notice” He quoted.

He said that they wouldn’t leave the shell companies and the Income Tax Department will take action. He requested the ordinary people to come forward and outsource if they have any information. He claimed that every bank account is checked to find tax evasion and they will take strict actions on the tax-evaders at any cost.

MCA recently notified that the companies which haven’t commenced business within one year of their incorporation and which haven’t done any operation for over a period of two years and made no applications in that period.Those shell companies would be stricken off from the website under section 248(1) of Companies Act.2013.

We have given the complete information of Shell companies to which MCA have given public notices in the below table.

ROC Area No of Companies Updated Date
RoC Ahmedabad 12205   20/03/2017
RoC Bangalore 22145   04/04/2017
RoC Chandigarh  4687  31/03/2017
RoC Chennai
RoC Chhattisgarh 1319   07/04/2017
RoC Coimbatore 50  14/03/2017
RoC Cuttack 2102 16/03/2017 & 03/04/2017
RoC Delhi 53312  06/04/2017
RoC Ernakulam 5479  05/04/2017
RoC Goa 1957  07/04/2017
RoC Gwalior 6304 10/03/2017 & 23/03/2017
RoC Himachal Pradesh  862  31/03/2017
RoC Hyderabad
RoC Jaipur 6044  31/03/2017
RoC Jammu  –
RoC Jharkhand  –
RoC Kanpur 7024  31/03/2017
RoC Kashmir
RoC Kolkata
RoC Mumbai 71530   07/04/2017
RoC Patna  –  –
RoC Pondicherry  438   07/04/2017
RoC Pune 11285  07/04/2017
RoC Shillong 323  28/03/2017
RoC Uttarakhand 843  31/03/2017


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