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The Central Bureau of Investigation has conducted raids at Chidambaram and Karti residences which are at more than ten places in Tamil Nadu and along with other raids at Delhi, Mumbai, and Haryana’s Gurugram.

It is all because of a FIR filed against Karti Chidambaram and Indrani Mukherjea for allegedly involving in foreign exchange violations.

Check out the updates of raids:

At 3:05 PM: In a statement released by Union Minister Piyush Goyal, he shared that it is all because FIPB approval beneficiaries gave money to the firms belong to P Chidambaram’s son.

At 02: 39 PM: CBI had registered a case against Karti on May 15th, i.e., on Monday for giving the FIPB clearance to INX media.

At 02: 30 PM: Many leading media houses reported about the controversial history of INX Media.It was also reported that P Chidambaram himself once referred INX’ financial transactions for investigations with an SFIO (Serious Frauds Investigation Officer).

At 02: 10 PM: Piyush Goyal said that the Congress shocked with the BJP developmental policies and plans. No one asked to reopen the old files, but it is all Supreme Court’s order.

At 02: 09 PM: Piyush also says, there is nothing to do with the government during investigations, it don’t involve in any of them. There must be some reasons, because of which CBI has taken this decision.

At 02: 04 PM: Karti Chidambaram opens up about CBI raids as, “We didn’t do nothing wrong, and these raids are being carried because of political pressure. They couldn’t prove those false allegations raised against me.

At 01: 55 PM: Karti was taken to the CBI office, and he denied all the allegations saying that it is all part of the political game. “There is no evidence to prove these false claims that filed against me.”

At 01: 45 PM: Randeep Surjewala, who is the senior leader stated that they don’t want Chidambaram to speak and they kept him silent. The government is on revenge mode and been targeting us.

At 01: 41 PM: Speaking to media, Karti Chidambaram stated that they had been targeted by the government and there is no true in allegations.

At 01:30 PM: BJP’s Shaina NC said that nothing is going on under government’s pressure. CBI officials are doing their duty.

At 01: 24 PM: Subramanian Swami on CBI raids shared that at abroad Karti had opened 21 bank accounts which are illegal and also has properties in other countries.

At 01: 04 PM: As per the FIR filed on Karti Chidambaram, Rs 4.6 crore of FDI was approved, whereas they found Rs 305 crores were raised by the company. Rs. 10 lakhs had received by the Karti’s company to get FIP clearance.

At 12: 44 PM: Peter Mukherjea and Indrani’s houses were raided at Worli, Mumbai and they are the owners of the INX media. It is involved in the alleged case of bribery with Karti Chidambaram. But both were in jail for being accused in the murder case of Sheena Bora.

At 12: 33 PM: I will give a detailed statement after the raids, says Karti.

At 12: 27 PM: All these are baseless charges on me. The Central government has targeted me personally and politically, says Karti.

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At 12: 16 PM: Union Minister Ananth Kumar said that they have targeted only corruption and black money in the country, but nothing more than that.

At 12: 06 PM: Ananth Kumar also said that CBI has targeted the black money let them do their duty.

At 12: 02 PM: Chidambaram and his son have always benefited through many clearances the last financial minister given through FIPB. The raids have to take place to get the documents and get incriminating evidence which they have kept,” says  Subramanian Swami.

At 12: 01 PM: Chidambaram in a statement said that it is absolute nonsense and refused to give comments on his properties and shared that he will give a detailed one after the raids.

At 11: 50 AM: The Income Tax department has raided Lalu Yadav’s houses in Delhi and Gurugram

At 11: 46 AM: According to last reports, the raids were still on. This makes it almost 5 hours of continuous raids.

At 11: 36 AM: Karti Chidambaram desn’t want to speak to media and kept mum about the raids.

Income Tax Department Seized Rs 106 Crore Cash and 127 Kg Gold through raids in Chennai

At 11: 19 AM: revenue department had wanted the probe: Reports

At 11: 16 AM: INX media gave Rs. 3.5 crores to Karti Chidambaram as bribe, says reports

At 11: 14 AM: We won’t bow down to BJP, to whatever extent to go to get evidence to prove the false allegations against P Chidambaram and Karti, says Randeep.

At 10:55 AM: On Monday, a case has been filed related to Foreign Investment Promotion Board (FIPB) clearance which illegally given to INX Media. The directors of this media are Indrani Mukerjea and Peter Mukerjea. It happened when Chidambaram was the Finance Minister.

At 10: 45 AM: As many as in 18 countries, P Chidambaram has illegal bank accounts, properties  and also houses, alleges, BJP MP Subramanian

At 10: 43 AM: BJP’s Subramanian Swami stated that Chidambaram is a liar.

At 10: 40 AM: We condemn the raids against Chidambaram and Karti Chidambaram. Political parties at its worst.

At 10: 39 AM: Former Union Minister P Chidambaram has to be in the jail, says BJP MP Subramanian Swamy

At 10:25 AM: Chidambaram stated that the central government wants him to stay silent and also stops him to remain silent.

At 10: 10 AM: P Chidambaram states that government is trying to keep them silent and that’s why raiding his friends and family.

At 10:05 AM: CBI starts raids at former union minister P Chidambaram’s residence, that is in Chennai.

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