Car Mechanics From Kolhapur Make Helicopter Fly

Meet the famous brother duo Imtiaz and Yusuf Momin from Kolhapur who can repair any sort of vehicle. But they got famous for their recent achievement on making a grounded helicopter take to the skies.

The Kolhapur-based brothers have an own small garage known as Mistry Maharashtra Garage in Kasba Bawda area of Kolhapur. The Chairman of Dr DY Patil Education Group, Sanjay Patil lives near their garage.

Last Week, some of the Patil’s business partners came to meet him from Chennai. They travelled through helicopter but when the time they are leaving; the Chennai Residents found their chopper is not starting.

As there is no helicopter repair facility in the area of Kolhapur, Sanjay Patil thought of calling Momin brothers. After a long look at the chopper, Imtiaz found fault with the electric wing that separating the power supply for the main engine of the helicopter.

Both Imtiaz and Yusuf Momin took some skill to fix it and grounded the motor very well. After finishing off the work, soon the main blades of rotor started revolving, and the helicopter was able to take off with its grateful chennaites and without facing any glitch in the system.

This isn’t the first time that the Imtiaz and Yusuf Momin have shown their superior repairing mechanic skills. Recently they have modified a car to make it motorable not on rocky, hilly or on beach terrain but shockingly it is under water.

Well, for that these brothers definitely deserve a big applause!!!