Centralized Admission Process

The admissions into junior colleges were conducted by the college managements every year. However, the colleges face so much of criticism claiming that they are not awarding the students based on their merit. Activists have already filed cases in the court against this system because of their flawed management. So from this academic year, the admissions to minority and also the in-house quota seats are likely to be conducted online through Centralized Admission Process(CAP).

The software designed by CAP Committee which is going to get used from this year for online admission process got scheduled for a trial on this Thursday. May 25th is the date the aspirants of first-year junior college (FYJC) seats starts to fill their online admission forms.

Delhi University UG Admissions 2017 Process Starts Today du.ac.in Online 

The admissions for minority/in-house quota also get filled with the normal CAP admission process. However, so many allegations have been raised claiming that the process is very unfair as the management do not follow the merit-based system.

To resolves the issues; CAP Committee is implementing a new system which makes the entire admission process online. The CAP Committee officials stated that the admission form has two parts. Part 1 contains the personal information of the student including his/her minority status. The student will be asked if they belong to any religious or linguistic minority and are they likely to get into that quota. Part 2 includes the academic performance. After verifying the related documents, the form will get approved by the headmaster of the school or any guidance center in charge.

Meenakshi Raut, the assistant director of education in Pune stated that they had added a new feature which enables the students to show their willingness to get a minority seat. Based on the applications received availability of seats, merit the CAP Committee will fill the seats.

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Several changes have been introduced into the system recently including the bifocal admissions, students of CAP Committee quota opting technical subjects in their Minimum Competency Vocational Courses (MCVC) and reducing the number of choice colleges to lessen the confusion over students preferences. She also stated that bifocal/MCVC admissions in the CAP online process are a huge change as the seats got filled only based on applications and merit until last year.

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