On Feb 20, Sharpe participated in ski halfpipe final and scored 95.80 in her second innings and surprised Canada with its first ever Olympic Gold medal in the game.

Freestyle halfpipe became a popular game around four years back because of the legacy winner Sarah Burke, who made tremendous efforts to publicize the game and pushed women’s ski halfpipe towards Olympics. Burke suffered a fatal head injury during a training back in 2012 and couldn’t survive the accident. Her efforts are still appreciated by her fans across the world, and her legacy is now carried forward by Sharpe.

In one of the interviews, Sharpe said: “She was the pioneer for us to be in the Olympics and for us to be a part of all of it, so definitely, she’s always on our minds, and she’s always with us.”

On Monday, Sharpe qualified in the ongoing match by playing with great zeal and vigor and increased efforts to top the finals on Tuesday.

Marie Martinod from France bagged a silver medal in the game and scored 92.60 in the second run. She played well but missed on a couple of runs that led to Sharpe winning the Olympics Final. Martinod, an old friend of Burke, appreciated Sharpe’s efforts and compared her skills with that of her late friend and wished her a brighter future in the game.

Brita Sigourney from America edged teammate Annalisa Drew for bronze. In the finals, Sigourney scored 91.80, thus bagging bronze prize for the country.

Defending-Olympic-champion Maddie Bowman of the USA fell on the final hit and failed to secure position in top 3 finalists of the game.


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