SMS Connect lets you use an all-new technological upgradation! Skype is a very popular voice calling and video chatting application. The best ever traditional platform for video calling has rocked and continues to rock in the same way. Also, it is known for its innovative services offered in the domain of long distance upgraded communication. So, what is Skype used for?

Previously, Skype was used extensively for connecting with people over the internet even before smart phones and smart ideas became popular. On registering with Skype, every user will be given a unique Skype id, which is more like a user id. With this, users can connect to other users on Skype with whom they want to communicate with.

Skype supports both voice calling and video calling. Such an application is now in tech buzz. What is the news all about? Along with the voice and video calling services, Skype can also be used to text through SMS Connect, making it a full-fledged communication tool.

Texting from your mobile has miraculously impacted the users. It helps them stay in touch with their dear ones, update and interact with friends and relatives and of course, chase away boredom. But, as time passes, the way of life also changes. At some work places, keeping phones with you is not allowed. Even if you have your phones, you naturally tend to use your PC beyond work. So, there is a need to easily text using texting tools, which are supported by personal computers.

There are numerous PC texting apps, which are supported by both iOS and Android. Adding to the apps like iMessage and MightyText, Skype also entered the race by launching its new texting feature called SMS Connect.

The new feature can be found in the Settings section of the Skype Android applications. The feature takes a little more time to be used and loved by the users. However, the brand has not yet revealed the exact release date of the feature.      


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