A 12-year- old girl from California dies of bacterial infection as doctors were treating
her for flu.
Alyssa Alcaraz’s parents said that she died due to the bacterial infection which
spread rapidly in her body. She had a cardiac arrest due to infection in her blood.
Her family members said that Alyssa returned home from school, and she appeared
to have food poisoning.
But a trip to the doctor resulted in flu diagnosis. Even after several days of
medication, Alyssa did not show any signs of improvement. So her mother rushed
her to a care clinic where she was diagnosed with having low oxygen levels.
Within few hours after she was admitted in hospital, her organs began shutting down
and later she died.
Alyssa’s family members mourned on Social Media, and her father Jeremy Alcaraz
expressed grief about his daughter’s death. He requested everyone to pray for his
daughter’s soul.
Her mother visited Alyssa’s favourite spot on Christmas Day to bring some stuffed
unicorns that Alyssa took everywhere.
In Alyssa’s obituary, her family wrote that she was a strong and brave-hearted girl
throughout her life, until her last breath. The Girl had a passion for music and not a
day passed without her little heart pouring out the music. Now, the family members
are holding Alyssa’s memories and a video clip where she reminded her parents how
much they meant to her.
To help the family arrange for Alyssa’s funeral and burial, two GoFundMe pages
have been created, which together have helped them raise more than $15,000.