Destiny 2 is going through some serious issues again. Bungie took it offline for emergency maintenance at around 1:30 pm ET. It happened after players lost their crafting tools, products, and currency after the new hotfix, in a situation that echoes problems faced back in January. Destiny 2 went offline due to currency loss by players last week. That bug was back this week unfortunately and gamers were losing currency again. 

Bungie says the problem that caused players to lose things has been identified again. It is moving player accounts back to the state they were in before Hotfix went live at 11:30 AM Tuesday morning. Destiny 2 will remain offline until Bungie finishes its maintenance work. Updates will continue to be made via the Bungie Support Twitter account.

The problem has put a damper on the launch of Destiny 2’s Crimson Days, their annual celebration of Valentine’s Day, which is only available for a week. For those hoping to get all new incentives and triumphs before the event ends, long maintenance time can prove to be a struggle.

The last time this happened, there was a very long list of items taken from inventories of players and this time too, there is a good number of players experiencing the same issue again. This constituted currencies such as Glimmer, Shards, Raid Banners, Upgrade Modules and extremely valuable ones such as Ascendant Shards ‘ Enhancement Prisms and Stacks. 

Last time, the solution for this stolen currency issue was to do a full character rollback about 60-90 minutes before the patch. That solved the problem of missing parts and it took the game offline for almost the whole day. Whatever the players have gained in that period of time ended up being reset. The same series of procedures is expected to happen again this time.

Bungie had never been required to perform any account rollback on Destiny up until last week. While the problems have been found, the task of rolling back player accounts seems to be an intense one that requires the team to spend most of the day. In addition to enabling Crimson Days and removing inventories from players, Hotfix will make a few minor adjustments also this time, as per the sources.



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