Buddha Purnima 2017

Buddha Purnima is a festival celebrated on the occasion of the birthday of Gautam Buddha, the founder of Buddhism. The festival is predominantly celebrated in the countries such as China, Srilanka, India, Korea, Burma, Bhutan, Thailand, Singapore, Cambodia, Mongolia, Vietnam, Laos, Nepal, and Indonesia. Here in this page we present the Gautam Buddha Quotes for you.

As per Hindu calendar, the day falls on a full moon day in the month April/May(Vaisakh). Gautam Buddha was born as Prince Siddhartha Gautama( c. 563 – 483 BCE). He attained Nirvana(Salvation) under Mahabodhi tree located at Bodh Gaya in Bihar. Buddha Purnima 2017 marks the 2579th birthday of Buddha.

On this occasion of Buddha Purnima, devotees visit the temples, light candles, incense sticks and offer something to the statue of Buddha. Devotees also celebrate by donating food and clothes to the needy and release birds or animals from the cages too.

The day celebrates all the teachings and life of Buddhists spiritual leader. Not only the teachings the day also gets celebrated by displaying the wheel of Buddha’s teachings also known as Dharma Wheel which consists of 8 spokes and each represents Right View, Right Resolve,  Right Effort, Right Speech, Right Conduct, Right Livelihood, Right Mindfulness and Right Samadhi.

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On this occasion, Prime Minister Naarendra Modi on his official Twitter account wished the people and shared a picture of him praying in front of Gautam Buddha. On the photo are the words that noble thoughts of Buddha will guide the generations and inspires everyone to work towards a compassionate and harmonious society. President Pranab Mukherjee also wished the devotees and stated that Lord Buddha is the symbol of lofty idealism and concern for humanity.

Gautam Buddha Quotes

Gautam Buddha quotes

Gautam Buddha

Buddha Purnima

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