Bruno Mars and Cardi B

Bruno is a well-known rapper and five times Grammy winner. His songs create sensitivity all around and of course in the hearts of his fans. This time, he is coming with a new remix version of his old song ‘Finesse’. The song’s collaboration will make you spellbound completely as this version is something like no one has ever heard before. On Wednesday, he released it starring Cardi B, ‘Bodak Yellow’ rapper.

On Instagram, he set the whole environment on fire by launching a small teaser of his track along with one photo. This pic depicted the theme of the song. Both the artists wore attires of 90s style. The girl wearing denim shorts with high waist cut-off, crop top beautifully printed on a yellow color, with a baseball cap and large hoop earrings, takes all the attention and, the guy wore a T-shirt colored in yellow, white, green, black and sweatshirt with white print along with the cross necklace and gold chains.

Bruno Mars and Cardi B

This is the biggest gift of 2018 for Bruno’s fans. Mars, who has directed this video, has shared on Twitter that he wants to dedicate this video to his most favorite TV show. He also conveyed thanks especially to @keeneniwayans on Twitter.

Around Christmas, on Instagram, rumors got viral regarding ‘Finesse’, the latest remix by Bruno. There was a strong claim by a person that in the recording of video for Cardi B and Mars, he has contributed a lot. However, soon the post got deleted. One more reason for these rumors was a tweet by an associate director of Billboard, where he mentioned about the upcoming release by Mars on January 4. Well, their post was also deleted by the authorities.

Mars in his reply on Twitter confirmed that Cardi B has also contributed in this video. On another track, Cardi B has collaborated with DJ Khaled and Jennifer Lopez. Well, this info got leaked from a post on Instagram by Alex Rodriguez, Lopez’s boyfriend.


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