panjab wedding calls off

Punjabi girl broke her wedding after finding that the groom is on drugs.

Brave Punjabi bride sent her groom to medical tests. As the tests proved that he is addicted to drugs, she immediately canceled the wedding. The incident happened in DinaNagar in Punjab. Sunitha Singh is the daughter of a truck driver from Dasara Grounds, 12 km from Gurdaspur. Her marriage got fixed with a man, Jaspreet Singh. The wedding arrangements are going on grandly in Maharaja Ranjit Singh Gurudwara.

But the groom seems to walk without control after getting off from the car. The bride observed this and realized that he is on drugs. Though the family members said that he was walking like that only because he injured his leg, the bride didn’t listen to their words. She immediately asked that the groom must undergo some medical tests before getting married. As the test center which was near do not have the necessary equipment, they went to another test center and made the groom to take some tests. The results showed that the man is on drugs. Devastated bride instantly called off the wedding, and the boy went to jail. The family members appreciated the bride for her courage. The irony is that the recent elections in Punjab took place with the main agenda of eradicating drugs.


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