Breastfeeding is the ultimate solution for making your children to eat all veggies in their daily life. Research carried out at Monell Chemical Senses Centre in Philadelphia says that food habits of mother decide the taste of children while growing up.

The researchers state that when mom eats green vegetables while feeding the baby with breast milk, they start getting the taste of veggies and further don’t reject to eat green vegetables. Mothers are supposed to drink Beetroot juice, celery or carrot juice to habituate baby with the flavors. These come under breastfeeding benefits.

Julie Mennella, lead study author and a biopsychologist at the Monell Chemical Senses Center in Philadelphia said “Every baby’s sensory experience is unique, but the flavor of their primary food, beginning in utero, is dependent on what mum is eating. The way I see it is: Mother’s milk is the ultimate in precision medicine.”

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They carried out an experiment by asking 97 women to drink beetroot juice, carrot juice or broccoli and track their Babies food habits while growing up.  They were trying to monitor the eating habits of mothers and comparing the same with their children.

The study added ‘Early life may be the best time for both infants and their mothers to learn to like the taste of salutary foods.’ When a pregnant woman eats vegetables, they flavor her amniotic fluid and then her breast milk.

The women were divided into five groups and gave different period and different food habits. Some of them were asked to drink the suggested juices when their babies were two weeks old another batch at six weeks and another batch at ten weeks. The fourth batch was asked to drink juice for three months before the baby was two weeks old. The final batch didn’t consume any juice.

They started observing a difference in the food habits of children when they started taking solid food items. Mothers who took mostly carrot or broccoli before 3 months feeding the baby showed a great result. The study finalized that mothers food habits will bring the flavors to children and decide their eating Habits.


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