Bothie technology

Now you can shoot video and capture Selfie at the same time, wondering how?  The new feature, an enhancement of the very popular Selfie Camera Technology named Bothie is grabbing the attention of the people. Selfie created a revolution among people because it’s the first of its kind. Now, Bothie feature will take Selfie technology to next level.

What is meant by Bothie ?

Bothie camera technology will not only take Selfie, but we can use the front and rear camera to take an image or video at the same. Unlike Selfie, you no need to switch between the camera feed. Fun, creative Bothie mode is capable of capturing images and recording videos at the same time. However, selfie created a craze all over the world. No party or get together is completed without taking a selfie and let’s see Bothie can show its charm on people or no.

Nokia’s new flag ship Nokia 8 is the first smartphone to have this latest feature Bothie. According to the company, Bothie is the next big thing after selfie. The major USP of Nokia 8 is the Dual- camera set up at the back.

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Nokia’s Bothie feature is pretty interesting and unique, but users need to wait for Nokia 8 to launch in India. There are many similar apps that can mimic the experience. The Frontback app available for Android and iOS, allows you to combine photos from the rear and front camera. The Frontback had gone viral in 2013, and it also allows you to do editing within the app.

The phoTWO app, available for iOS allows users to merge rear and front images in to one. The app creates a picture-in-picture like an effect rather a split-screen effect.Let’s wait and watch if Bothie can beat Selfie craze or not. Stay tuned for more updates

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