Book My Chotu: Rent a Person to Stand in ATM Queue Instead of You

Are you fed up with standing in ATM lines during your busy schedule? Then rent a person to stand in the queue instead of you. Yes, what you heard is true a new start-up company has formed to provide helpers for the customers.

After banning of Rs 500 and 1000 notes withdrawing of money becomes a difficult task. There are hectic queues at banks and ATM’s. From morning to evening people are very busy with their own works, at present, they are keeping their important work aside and standing in the queues.

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Cash is filling out from the ATM’s very fast, and we also have a withdrawal limit per day, so to take sufficient amount of money we have to visit ATM at least two times per day.

Making this situation as advantage Book my chotu is providing helpers to stand in line. You can get the helpers on the hourly basis. They will charge Rs 90 per hour, so by using this website you can do your work happily.

Satjeet Singh Bedi ad Govin khandari has come up with this idea, and they designed a concept named book my chotu. After visiting the website fill the details and purpose needed for helpers. These chotu’s will help us in basic cleaning, helps us in shifting, party help, religious get together, etc.

They also mentioned all chotu’s here are above 18 years, and no child labor is working in their organization. These services are only available in Delhi, Uttar Pradesh and Haryana

To get helpers visit website or call 91-8587028869

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