blue whale game

On Wednesday, Union Electronics, and Information Technology Minister, Ravi Shankar Prasad said Blue Whale game is annoying youth to commit suicide which is “completely unacceptable.”

The minister stated government would take severe action against social media who are providing Blue Whale game links. Since they ordered to remove the links immediately because it has allegedly led children to commit suicide in the country.

Blue Whale Challenge: 14-year-old Mumbai boy commits suicide in India

Mr. Prasad said “People are committing suicide due to Blue Whale game. Clear instructions have been issued to all the technology platforms that they must delink this game immediately because, under the Indian IT ecosystem, no initiative shall be permitted which provokes young boys to commit suicide. It is plainly unacceptable,”

On July 30th, 14 years boy Manpreet Singh Sahani walked off the fifth floor of the building in Mumbai in Sher-e-Punjab Colony. Manipuri minister son died from falling from the terrace in Delhi. It was suspected that he was driven due to Blue whale game.

“We received several complaints related to the Blue Whale game that it has been provoking youngsters to commit suicide. Clear instructions have been issued to all tech platforms to check the spread of the Blue Whale game,” Mr. Prasad said. Minister said “I appeal to all tech platforms to strictly abide by government instructions. Such a game is completely unacceptable,”

The government has administrated all technology media, including Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Yahoo to remove all links which direct users to the dangerous online game “The Blue Whale Challenge.”

Ministry also stated that “You are at this moment required to ensure that any such link of this deadly game in its name or any similar game is immediately removed from your platform,” Social Medias are yet to send a reply to the queries mailed to them by ministry order.


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