blue whale challenge victim

A 17-year-old teenager saved by the Jodhpur police, trying to commit suicide as the part of the deadliest online game, Blue Whale Challenge. On Monday, Jodhpur police rescued a girl who believed to be playing the deadly online game Blue Whale Challenge. Blue Whale Challenge which indulges teenagers in playing this self-harming game which ends up taking their life.

A Police station chief Lekhraj along with his driver Om Prakash were making rounds near the lake in the eastern region of Jodhpur at night 11 pm. They saw a girl weeping, who was about to jump in to the lake.

On seeing the girl jumping into the river, Om Prakash followed her and rescued her from deep waters. The girl claimed that she decided to jump so that her parents are not harmed. The curators of the game threaten and blackmail the victims to perform the tasks. The police officials also mentioned that the girl even had a Blue Whale tattoo on her arm. It is one of the steps followed by the players in the game. Police released the girl in parent’s custody after the counselling session.

Kolkata tops the Blue Whale challenge search chart globally: Google Trends

To put an end to this game, Modi government directed all the main internet apps, Google, Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, and Yahoo to remove all the links of Blue Whale Challenge immediately.

The master mind behind the Blue Whale Challenge is a 17 year old Russian girl. The game is usually famous among teenagers through chat rooms. The player has to take up 50 dares which are decided by the curators. Curators are those who allot tasks to the victims. The player should send the proof to curator after completion of the task. Many teenagers took their life playing this dangerous game which originated in Russia. Some 100 deaths have been noted across the world.

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