Blue Whale Challenge

In this gaming world, there are lakhs of games we can play on our mobiles, laptops, etc. Recently a game called ‘Blue Whale Challenge’ is implemented which is pushing the teenagers to commit suicide.

The game will reach a young teen if he/she endorse a hashtag or join in some groups. When a user gets registered, the app will give 50 challenges(one task per day), and the user must submit a photograph as a proof of successful completion. Though it starts off with some easy tasks such as watching horror videos, drawing, listening, etc., as days goes by it assigns some horrific tasks like making yourself hurt, three cuts on your vein and ultimately asks the player to die on the 50th day. Teens who are addicted playing the game accepts the orders and are committing suicides.

In Russia, three teens in the age of 15-16 have already committed suicides playing this game, and recently a 14-year-old Argentina teen got saved due to his failed attempt. It is said that the boy told his mom that the game is satanic and he would never play it again. The boy has updated his Whatsapp status to ‘Goodbye Everyone, Love You.’ However as he was found unconscious in his room, his parents joined him in the hospital and is currently recovering now.

The government is urging the parents always to keep an eye what their kids are doing on their mobiles and never let them try to involve in those games.


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