Mark the date, 27th of this month on your calendar as it is not a normal day. The day will be a witness for celestial, atmospheric, environmental and astrological specialty. However, not many consider it to be special. The satellite of our planet earth would be hidden for over 6 long hours. The world is going to face a night with a moonless sky on Friday. The dark sky shall only be lit by the sparks and glitter spread by the twinkling stars.

For around 1 hour 43 minutes, the moon will be captured in the Earth’s dark shadow. These solid 103 minutes demonstrates the peak and crucial part of the phenomenon of the lunar eclipse. We and our planet has seen many eclipses till date so why is the upcoming Lunar eclipse taken a huge place in current affairs and also in spheres of astrology, astronauts or celestial kingdom?

Well, it’s all about that: the upcoming lunar eclipse is referred to as blood moon. The moon will be in red color. India, along with a lot more other countries, shall be witnessing, experiencing and facing the blood moon, changes and the consequences that the phenomenon has to give us.

The moon is expected to appear red in India from 11:44pm according to the Indian Standard Time (IST), on Friday. The complete phenomenon is approximately starting from 1:15am and lasts till 2:43am, making the longest lunar eclipse of the century. The red color is actually the shade of the Earth’s shadow. The eclipse shall end and the moon will be freed by 4.58 am IST next day.

While the entire nation is excited and eager to see the red moon, it is essential to understand the fact that not everybody can witness it with ease. This is due to pollution, tall buildings, cloudy skies ,or even heavy rains. There are more chances for village, rural and extension areas to watch the red moon to the fullest compared the city areas.

Many say that the lunar eclipse will be bringing a lot of adverse effects. However, let us not forget that it is a naturally occurring phenomenon and it is a must to accept all that it has to give us as we are left no choice. Comment yes, if you will be up and ready to witness the bloody moon on 27 July, 2018.


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